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Do you want to copy files from file manager of one cpanel to another cpanel server without wasting time on downloading and uploading of files?  Then you are on right place.

Here we are going to guide you step by step to how to move files from one cpanel file manager to another cpanel file manager using php script.

Let’s go step by step with the whole procedure:


Login to your cPanel account. Open your cpanel file manager and create a zip of files/folder.


Check the location path of the file you want to transfer.


Now login to your new cPanel account .


Open File Manager and go into public_html.


Create a new file with name transfer.php


Right click on the newly created file (transfer.php) and choose the Edit option.


Copy the code from the bottom of this article and paste it in the newly created file.


Change the URL in the code with the URL of your file origin. Then click on Save changes and close the editor


Now run the newly created file from a new window with your website URL For example:

As soon as you hit the file from new window, the code written inside the file will execute and we will get the specified file in your new cPanel.

$saif = shell_exec('wget');
echo "<pre>$saif</pre>";
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